Unsupported Sentios Software?

Unsupported Sentios Software?

If you have landed on this page you are most likely an ex-customer of Sentios Technology. Sentios Technology were a managed kiosk solutions provider which went out of business in June 2017.

We have been contacted by a number of Sentios Technology's ex-customers who are now running kiosk software which is no longer supported and failing. We have first hand experience with Sentios Technology's software and hardware and so have been able to provide successful solutions for all these organisations.

We are able to provide bespoke solutions to you as one of Sentios Technology's ex-customers. Whatever situation you find yourself in we will be able to resolve your problems with the minimum of fuss whilst keeping your costs as low as possible. Our first hand experience with Sentios' solutions means no other company is able to work as quickly and effectively as we are.

A few examples of work we have carried our for Sentios Technology's ex-customers are as follows:

Integration with room booking software

We were contacted by a government organisation who use a visitor sign in system developed by Sentios Technology. The visitor sign in system was originally integrated with a 3rd party room booking system used by the government organisation. A decision to move to a new provider for room booking software meant the visitor sign in system, which ran on kiosks also supplied by Sentios Technology, would become obsolete. This posed a significant concern for the end customer as a very significant investment had been made in the kiosk hardware and the software.

Our remit for this piece of work was relatively simple even if the solution was not! We were required to remove the original integration and create a new integration with the new room booking software.

The source code for the visitor sign in system had not been made available to the customer by Sentios Technology. Neither were passwords to the kiosk PC nor any technical documentation available either. As such we were simply provided with one of the touchscreen kiosks that ran the visitor sign in system.

Despite these significant hurdles we were able to make the necessary changes to the kiosk software in relatively short time. Without our specialised knowledge of Sentios Technology's hardware and software the work would have taken approximately three times as long.

The results were that the customer had a smooth switch to their new room booking system, were able to protect their initial investment and move forward with a retained support and development service from us at Welcm Software.

Creation of source code repository and technical documentation

We were contacted by a managed services provider (MSP) who were managing and supporting the IT infrastructure of a large organisation's HQ. The infrastructure included kiosks and kiosk software developed by Sentios Technology. With no previous experience of supporting kiosk hardware and no access to any technical documentation for the kiosk software, the MSP had significant concerns over their contractual obligations to the end-customer.

Our remit was to create technical documentation for the kiosks, create a source code repository for the software and provide a report on the kiosk software. The report needed to be written in "business terms" rather than "techie-speak". The technical documentation included a full breakdown of all the hardware in the kiosk including parts numbers, replacement part numbers in the event of any of the existing parts being EOL and original technical manuals.

We were provided with one of the touch screen kiosks owned by the end-customer. Our first step was to create the technical documentation related to the kiosk hardware as this was the most pressing of the concerns for the MSP. Once this was done we moved onto the software. After our work in this area was completed and the source code repository created we were able to get to work on the report. The report was to be shared with technical and non-technical staff alike. This prompted the request for the report to be in "business terms" rather than "techie-speak".

In order to move forward and ensure all their contractual obligations would be met, the MSP engaged us on a retainer contract. This gave them access to our software support service and preferential development terms.

Legacy software support

We were contacted by a large events management organisation who use a visitor management system incorporating a staff access-card swap facility. The software was originally developed by Sentios Technology and so was now unsupported with a number of bugs becoming more problematic over time.

Our remit for this piece of work was relatively simple compared to some of our other projects. We were requested to fix the bugs that were in the software and then provide ongoing support for the software.

As with all of our projects for ex-customers of Sentios Technology, there was no source code or technical documentation available. Nonetheless we were able to remove the bugs that the customer was aware of. In doing so we were also able to proactively fix some other bugs that would have started becoming problematic but had, as yet, not started causing problems. We were able to carry out this work much more quickly than we would have been able to without our understanding of Sentios Technology's software and kiosk hardware.

Once the bugs were fixed and the software was back to full working order we were retained on a rolling support contract with the customer.

Remove Sentios Technology branding and improve UI

We were contacted by a conference centre who use an event sign in system developed by Sentios Technology. The system ran on kiosks also supplied by Sentios Technology. The conference facility were no longer happy with the user interface of the software as it had become somewhat dated. They also had Sentios Technology branding at the bottom of each page of the sign in flow which they did not want.

Our remit was to remove the Sentios Technology branding from the kiosk software and redesign the user interface.

We were provided with one of the kiosks from the conference centre and corporate brand guidelines for the conference centre. Again, no source code or technical documentation was available.

The first part of the project removed the Sentios Technology branding and redeployed the rebuilt software to each of the other kiosks as this was the conference centre's primary concern. Subsequently we set to work creating new designs for the user interface. Working closely with both the conference centre's facilities management team and marketing team we finalised designs for the new interface. The new interface was then coded, tested and deployed. The result being the conference centre had a fresh, modern looking interface that matched their corporate branding without having to purchase an entirely new system.

We now act on a retained support and development contract which has allowed continual improvement of their existing software.

Improve integration with Access Control system

We were contacted by a facilities management organisation who use a reception management system developed by Sentios Technology. The system integrated with an access control system at one of their offices. They were experiencing significant delays between assigning access cards and those access cards actually working. This issue caused frustration for staff and negatively affected the experience of their visitors.

Our remit was to investigate the cause of the delay and develop a solution that would remove the delay.

Our investigative work discovered the issue relatively quickly given that we did not have access to any source code or technical documentation. We then put together a proposal for an improved integration. Upon acceptance of our proposal we got to work creating the improvement.

Our new integration removed all delay between card issuing and the card working. Reception staff reported a greatly improved experience for the visitors they were greeting and assigning access cards to. They also noted that they were happier as they were no longer having to excuse the access control system several times every day!

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