Staff Sign In Kiosks

Staff Sign In Kiosks

Staff time and attendance tracking provides a safer work environment and more reliable reporting

Staff time and attendance tracking provides a safer work environment and more reliable reporting
Staff sign in kiosks

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"Time and attendance tracking" can seem a bit Big Brother on the face of it. It could appear that only an employer with a lack of trust in their employees would install such a system, purely to prevent time theft. Would an employer who trusted their employees really need to make sure they know where a particular employee is at any given time and how long they've been there?

Well, the simple answer is, "Yes". Given that, what are the benefits of using a staff sign in kiosk?

Systems Integration

A staff sign in kiosk could be integrated with a number of systems to provide improvements for employers and employees.

The most common integration is with a payroll system. Such an integration streamlines processes for a business. It removes many of the points where mistakes can be made. A more reliable payroll process of course benefits the employees. It can also automatically track and send notifications when working hour regulations are close to being exceeded providing benefits to line managers and HR teams.

HR systems also have great potential for integration. Features can be included in the sign in system that allow employees to book holidays or overtime.

Access control systems can be integrated which also gives the option of managing staff access cards via the kiosk. Temporary cards or replacement cards can be issued on a self-service basis.

Visitor management systems can be integrated too in order that visitors are only able to select from a list of employees who are actually on site.

Health & Safety

Health & safety improvement is a very significant benefit affecting both staff and employers alike. A live list of staff currently on site is invaluable in the event of an evacuation. With a staff sign in kiosk a report can be generated to act as a roll call. Additional features like those found in Welcm can also be included to improve this roll call facility further still and allow it to be accessed from a mobile device.


This is especially beneficial if a staff sign in system has been linked with an access control system. Access rights can be assigned to individual staff members and access controlled via the staff sign in system. Dangerous areas can easily be made inaccessible. Whole buildings can be locked down out of hours to all but a select few employees. Of course this wouldn't be possible with standard key based entry.

Additional peripherals can be added to a kiosk to further improve security levels for staff sign in. Whilst many businesses find ID cards alone to be enough, that isn't the case for all. Staff sign in kiosks can be tailored to include things like PIN based entry, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and retina scanning.


Alongside the benefits already mentioned, with a staff sign in kiosk, staff no longer have to keep track of hours using a timesheet. For staff who work across multiple sites there is no need to worry about additional access cards. They can also be safe in the knowledge that their hours and attendance are being tracked accurately.


Staff sign in systems provide benefits for all and can be deployed on a variety of kiosks. If you would like to discuss a custom system for your business please get in touch. Alternatively you may find the staff sign in feature on Welcm, our SaaS visitor management system, fits your needs.

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